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Solingen Solidarisch

Solingen Health Card

The Solingen health card is your personal health insurance card, which entitles you to seeing a doctor anywhere in Germany. You will be examined and treated by a doctor or a physician if

  • you are acutely ill
  • you are suffering from pain
  • you are pregnant

Children, pregnant women, victims of torture and violence, and people with disabilities are regarded as particularly vulnerable. In medical care, special attention will be given to their needs.

Please store all examination documents in such a way that they are available whenever required! Examples are vaccination certificates or maternity records. These documents contain necessary information that may be important for further examinations.

The "Solingen health card" is only valid in connection with a certificate of your registration as a person seeking asylum (BÜMA), proof of arrival, temporary residence permit or acquiescence. When you walk into a doctor's office, you must present the Solingen health card and your BÜMA, temporary residence permit or acquiescence.


Diagnosis and the subsequent treatment of a disease are usually performed by doctors who work in a private practice or a group practice with other colleagues. This is called "registered" doctors or physicians. Registered doctors can also issue recipes for medicines or admit patients to a hospital for further treatment.

Registered doctors invoice their work towards the social welfare office or public health insurance. Patients may also pay their treatment at a health care professional or to a doctor directly. If you choose to do so, please note that you have to bear these expenses yourselves. You cannot be reimbursed later.

For treatment or examination, most doctors request to arrange an appointment, preferably by phone. Keep the appointed date and be on time! Patients without an appointment usually have to expect waiting times.

Most doctors speak English or another foreign language. Please check if you have only little knowledge of the German language. In this case it is recommended to take a trustworthy person with the necessary language skills along to the doctor.

Please consult a pediatrician if your kids need a doctor. Present your "Solingen health card" in advance to the treatment. Teenagers up to 18 years can be treated by children's doctors as well.


In a hospital, you will only be treated if treatment by a registered physician or a doctor is not sufficient. A hospital stay must be approved in advance. Without prior approvement, turn to a hospital only in case of an emergency!


Medical emergencies are

  • acute respiratory distress
  • acute chest pain
  • acute abdominal pain
  • acute dizziness
  • accident and injury
  • complications of pregnancy
  • acute mental disorder
  • acute danger of suicide
  • drug emergency
  • anaphylactic shock
  • impaired consciousness or coma

In these cases, you should immediately seek help from a rescue service, an emergency service, a doctor or a medical professional.


In Germany many drugs are sold to patients only in pharmacies. You will get certain drugs (so-called "prescription" drugs) only if you present a prescription by a doctor or a physician. There are also numerous non-prescription medicines for which no prescription is required. The cost of this will not be reimbursed by  health insurance. The pharmacist will inform you about your medicine. Any time of the day at least one pharmacy will be open in the nearby area.


Vaccinations protect people effectively against diseases that are caused by bacteria and viruses. A lot of people have been vaccinated against certain infectious diseases, and are no longer able to spread them among the population. You may have a vaccination certificate in which is recorded, which vaccinations you have already received. If you do not have such a document, you will get the "vaccination certificate" or a replacement certificate from the doctor after a vaccination.


Pregnant women receive medical care. The pregnancy and the child's development are monitored. This includes regular tests (e.g. blood tests, urine tests and ultrasound), birth preparation, childbirth and care afterwards. If you are pregnant, you will receive a maternity record from your doctor.

Your "maternity record" provides you with the scheduled dates of the examinations. Deliveries are performed by midwives and maternity nurses and doctors or physicians. Midwife and obstetric nurse are also important before and after birth.

Children and teenagers up to the age of 18

Usually parents receive an examination booklet for children after the birth of her child, which describes in detail at what time a particular examination is necessary.

Please keep this booklet safe and bring it with you every time you see the doctor with your children!

For children up to six years, several examinations are provided. The first examination is carried out immediately after birth. Metabolism as well as functions of the sensory organs (e.g. hearing, vision) and the respiratory, digestive and muscular systems are to be tested. Attention is paid to development and behavioral disorders.

Among teenagers, aged 12 to 14, further examinations are recommended. This is intended to discover problems in the physical and mental development of young people. The doctor measures inter alia size, weight and blood pressure. These studies are important to promote a healthy development of your child. Therefore we recommend to attend all scheduled examinations.

Dental Treatment

This covers toothache and acute diseases in the mouth.



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