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Solingen Solidarisch

Self-help for traumatized persons and their voluntary assistants

A lot of refugees from war zones have made horrible experiences and thus suffer from acute or long-term massive trauma result disturbances. This includes for example sleep disorders combined with nightmares, states of anxiety, strain, aggressiveness as well as the constant internal reliving of their traumatic experiences. Right now it is not possible to provide as many psychotherapeutic treatment units as are needed.

Dr. Birgit Kracke, a medical specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy in Solingen has therefore put together information and exercises on the internet site mentioned below. This site offers practical assistance to self-help for the affected persons.


This website adresses traumatized adults and children as well as voluntary assistants. Here you can find suggestions how you can make the contact with traumatized persons easier for you so you are able to help them handling their traumatic situation.

The material is accessible online. Refugees can make use of it at any time and at any place. Of course this website and its content is no replacement for the necessary psychotherapeutic treatment. It is meant as an emergency relief measure to ease the mental torment of the traumatized person in this acute situation when no immediate psychotherapeutic help is available.

The information and instructions can be found as an audio file in the following languages (not yet fully complete, but we are working on it):

• Albanian
• Arabian
• Serbo-Croatian-Bosnian
• German
• English
• Farsi
• French
• Kurdish-Kurmanci
• Kurdish-Sorani
• Russian
• Tamil
• Turkish


Dr. Birgit Kracke
Mail: praxis@dr-birgit-kracke.de

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