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Registration of an Electrical or Gas Meter

Registration of an Electrical or Gas Meterstadtwerke-logo

* For the registration we need:

  •  Your personal information based on a ID card
  • Lease agreement
  • Meter number (2)
  • Current meter reading at date of apartment handing over (1)
  • Date of apartment handing over











Deregistration of an Electrical or Gas Meter

* For the deregistration we need:

  • Your customer ID
  • Meter number (2)
  • Current meter reading at date of apartment handing over (1)
  • Date of apartment handing over
  • Signature of the owner / manager or the following tenant
  • Your new address for the final invoice


Calculation of Advance Payments

To calculate the advance payments based on the consumption pattern of the customer, your ser-vice provider needs the number of people who will live in the apartment (for electricity) and / or the size of the apartment in square meters (for gas).

The advance payments for electricity are calculated according to the following table:







For gas, we recommend 1 euro per square meter. However, it’s important at what time of the cal-culation period (a year) the customer moves into the apartment. Example: A customer moves into the apartment in November, and the annual statement will be created in April of the following year, the advance payments of the period need to cover an almost entire heating season and therefor are correspondingly higher.


Payment Options

Along with the contract confirmation, you will receive a payment plan that lists the exact amount of the monthly advance payments. Please consider the payment plan, as a permanent statement for the future accounting year.

* Cash payments at our service center are not possible.
* You may activate a debit authorization (SEPA direct debit system), or you may arrange an monthly payment yourself.

As a volunteer, you are welcome to make an appointment for an interview, to clarify the process of registering or deregistering. Please call Mrs. Christiane Wintgen Tel: 295 - 2437 for further information.
Mrs. Wintgen will organize an appointment for you with one of our consultants within our daily office houres (see below).



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