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Solingen Solidarisch

Musical project „We perform!“


Let us listen to your music, tell us your story, dance together with us!
People from Solingen and refugees work together on a stage performance.
Take part in our workshops for music, dance or theatre.


Different initiatives from Solingen and refugees are planning a joint cultural project.

Refugees can communicate their biographies through theater, paintings, music, dance, photographies and movies. They will collaborate with Solingen based artists. These encounters will lead to new expressiveness, creativity and to a stage performance.

Cultural creative people of all origins are needed for the implementation of a joint cultural project, which is already supported by initiatives for refugees, by the responsibles of the accomodations for refugees, by creative artists, by the churches, by associations, by schools and by the municipal of Solingen. If you are at least 16 years old and interested in culture and art, then you are invited to contribute something to our project, too.

The project will culminate in a musical, which will be premièred between autumn 2016 and winter 2016/2017. This musical will combine and blend all artistic means.

24. Februar 2016, COBRA

24. Februar 2016, COBRA24. Februar 2016, COBRA, Solingen
First rehearsals on the COBRA stage - 02-24-2016. Pictures: Stephan Haeger

musik  Music Workshop

Mondays 7 p.m.
Musikschule Solingen
Flurstraße 18
room 25
42651 Solingen
more information:
Diethelm Goldacker
phone +49 160/96074075


theater  Theatre Workshop

Wednesdays 6:30 p.m.
COBRA (socio-cultural-centre)
Merscheider Straße 77 - 79
42699 Solingen
more information:
Volker Eigemann
phone +49 173/1834438

tanz  Dance Workshop

Saturdays 2:30 p.m.
Haus der Jugend
Dorper Straße 10-16
42651 Solingen
more information:
Hüsnü Turan
phone +49 176/70630755

All workshops take place once a week!

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A project of Cobra (socio-cultural centre), of Bunt statt Braun (initiative against racism), of Musikschule (music school), des Kulturmanagements (cultural management of Solingen), of Jugendförderung (youth promotion service of Solingen), of City Art Projekts (initiative for the promotion of art in Solingen), of  Solinger Integrationszentrums (centre for integration of Solingen)

Project manager:
Jürgen Beu
phone +49 152/3364 7936


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